"And so for me, the whole point of the gender movement is that it’s not only about those familiar specimens inevitabley correlated in the bianary zoo: the stone butches, drag kings and queens, lipsticks and deisel dykes, radical faeries and nelly fags, the transexuals, transgendered, crossdressers, and intersexed. It’s also about the 17 year old who ruins her health with anorexia because real women are suposed to be unnaturally thin, It’s about the aging lesbian who suffers a full hysterectomy because certain kinds of gendered bodies don’t matter. And it’s about the shy artistic little straight boy who is taunted and assualted each day because he is percieved as genderqueer, gender different, or simply gender vulnerable."

— Riki Wilchins Gender Rights Are Human Rights (via skrinkles3)

(via prepstergrunge)